Tooling Services

We want our clients to have an extension of their company in Nubus with the speed of response, quality and service they require, 24/7.

Preventive Maintenance

We work with our customers to define proper maintenance protocols for their tooling, executing them in a structured and professional way

For every maintenance, Nubus delivers a detailed report along with observations and recommendations, all suited to the quality management system of our customers.


Quick response, guaranteed quality

Available 24/7

Local availability of laser micro-welding to reconstruct damaged areas along with the integrated in-house technology allows us to offer the fast, effective response needed, at any time.

Spares design, fabrication and control

We design and fabricate required spares, even without a print. We work with our customers to manage spares stock to offer them an immediate response without added costs and cash-flow distraction.

We go from the reverse engineering to the spares inventory management on-site to ensure our customers have what they need to maximize their operation and reduce their costs

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We understand that time is key in our industry, we do not have a schedule, we are there for you 24/7.
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