Design & manufacturing of tooling and precision devices

Always right, always on time. Effective Project management from the beggining to end.

Our development process

Focused on translating your needs into an optimum design that meets the goal at the most effective cost.


Customer Needs

Functional, performance, maintenance and cost requirements are documented, always with the Voice of the Customer in mind.


Primary concept

Design alternatives are defined from a systems perspective to optimize it’s configuration.


Final Concept

Optimized configuration is defined for every component, from the manufacturing process’ perspective


Fabrication & validation

Individual components are built, assembled and validated with quality, time and cost goals in mind at every step.


Our customers reap the benefits of fast delivery and competitive costs with every job.

No time zone restrictions

No language restrictions

Local tech support, 24/7

Project complexity is minimized for our customers by interacting with a local team in Mexico.

Conctact us

We are fully aware of the importance of time in our industry and that is why we are there for our Customers, 24/7

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